CBD For Pets UK

CBD oil is renowned in health and wellness communities for the reported benefits and effects it can offer to people with different medical conditions. However, humans aren’t the only ones who may be recommended to take CBD oil.

CBD oil for pets is becoming increasingly popular around the UK and elsewhere across the world too. It can be given to both cats and dogs, taking various forms, and pet owners wanting to help their furry friends may consider buying CBD oil UK, based on their vet’s recommendations.

Whether you’re looking for CBD for dogs to assist with different medical complaints or behavioural issues or CBD oil for cats to help a furry feline, this guide will outline all of your options and help you learn more about what CBD for pets is all about.

CBD for Dogs UK

Dog owners might be recommended to buy the best CBD oil UK from trusted brands like Rick’s Hemp Oil to give to their canine companions.

CBD oil for dogs UK can be used in different ways. It might be recommended to help with certain health or wellness conditions, for example, or could be prescribed to aid with behavioural or social issues.

CBD oil dogs and CBD for pets in general is the same product as CBD oil for humans. It’s made from industrial hemp plants, rich in cannabinoids like cannabidiol (CBD) that can interact with the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which exists in dogs and humans alike.

Dogs have quite a lot of receptors in their ECS, so experts recommend a relatively low dosage when using CBD oil for dogs UK.

Dog owners may choose to mix the oil in with their dog’s food, drop it directly into their mouth, or even buy CBD dog treats too. You can use a CBD for dogs UK calculator to work out the ideal dose.

CBD for Cats UK

As well as dogs, cats can also benefit from CBD oil, and many cat owners across the UK are looking for CBD oil for cats UK.

Again, it’s important to note that CBD oil for cats is the same basic product as CBD oil dogs UK or CBD oil for humans, and it works in much the same way.

Cats have fewer receptors in their ECS, however, so they may need a slightly larger dosage, relative to their size and weight, when compared to dogs.

Again, cat owners using CBD oil for cats UK can make use of an online calculator tool to work out the ideal dosage amount.

As with dogs, you can make CBD oil into a cat’s food to get them to eat it. You can also try dropping it into their mouth, but most cats won’t like having their faces touched in this way and could lash out with bites and scratches.

CBD Treats for Pets UK

Another option for pet owners wanting to make use of CBD oil for pets is to buy some CBD infused treats.

Various companies offer CBD dog treats UK and cat treats too. These products have different flavours that may interest dogs and cats.

However, the downside to using CBD treats for pets is that it’s a lot harder to measure and control the dosage of each one.

When you’re using a high-quality CBD oil, such as the products offered by Rick’s Hemp Oil, it’s easy to measure out each dose.

With treats, it becomes a little trickier, potentially leading to underdosing or overdosing, which could lead to a lack of effectiveness or higher risk of side effects.

Side effects of CBD oil for pets may include tiredness, dry mouth, and an increase in appetite.


Scientific studies and research are ongoing into how exactly CBD oil works in both humans and animals, but there’s plenty of evidence, both clinical and anecdotal, to show that CBD oils for pets can be effectively used in certain situations. Speak with your vet to learn more about the benefits of CBD oil for dogs and cats and consider ordering high quality CBD oil for your furry friend from a trusted brand, such as Rick’s Hemp Oil.


How much CBD oil should I give my dog?

The right dosage of CBD oil for dogs will depend on the size of the dog, its health condition, and the concentration of oil you’re using at the time. You can make use of online pet CBD calculator tools to get an accurate recommendation of dosage.

Where to buy CBD oil for dogs UK?

There are various online shop and store locations you can choose when looking for CBD oil for dogs. Rick’s Hemp Oil is an industry-leading provider, offering shipping across the UK.

How much CBD oil should I give my cat?

The right dosage of CBD oil for cats depends on various factors, including the size and weight of the animal, its health condition, and so on. Cats have fewer receptors in their bodies so usually need relatively larger doses than dogs. Again, you can make use of a simple calculator online to work out the right dose.

Where to buy CBD oil for cats UK?

You can order CBD oil for cats directly from this site. Rick’s Hemp Oil is a trusted, leading provider of high quality, organic CBD oils for both human and animal consumption, with delivery all over the UK to cities like London, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Cardiff, and more.

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